What, if you don't insure your shoes?

In India, many of idiot box watcher must remember the advertisement, where a executive came to bank and go locker room and take out his shoes from the locker. Remember? Interesting, appealing isn't? Yeah those days, but now?
A recent chain of missing foot wears, I should say stolen, sometimes kick my mind to get insurance for my expensive shoes too.
My colleague was saying that he kept his new shoes twice near to main door his flat. He found them missing, then he left his chappals outside, again they were missing. Later, he started putting them inside... well locked from outside world.

I was sitting in one doc clinic, and saw one guy rushed to reception and complaining about his missing shoes from outside clinic??? I also rushed outside to make sure that mine are safe. Thank god! they were there. Then I saw a notice stick right top of the shoe rack - 'Please keep your expensive shoes carefully and check with receptionist before putting off'. Voilla! its too late for that guy.

The most disappointing thing happened when I gifted expensive pair of sandals to my newly wed wife. We went to one of the most precious temple in India for his blessings. When we came out, we found those were not there. My wife felt like she lost the most precious thing in her life. As a gentleman husband, I left with only two options - one to get her new pair of sandals, and second by saying that thief has taken our problems away.

The cheap targets does not end here. Most of the cars, now move around without their company emblems. Please make sure you keep a watch on your car too.

Then come Laptops and Cell Phones, in India's silicon valley, these cases are highest. Even during Companies induction programs, HR specially present the case how we need to watchful against the companies precious assets - Laptops.

New targets which starts from the expensive foot wears ends with one the most dangerous targets - yes you are guessing right, I am talking about the Online Theft. Starts with your phone number, email id, personal information etc to credit card and online banking.

So, dear please be watchful!


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